Folsom Daddies Real Men Volume 5

Folsom Daddies Real Men Volume 5

The first all condom feature from Pantheon brings you the realest daddies, biggest cocks and hottest sex San Francisco has to offer! 12 MEN & 6 SCENES! Mature, masculine and cum-drenched!

JC Carter and Robert Feldman: JC and Robert hook up online. When JC shows up at Robert’s house, he finds him out in the hot tub… hot, hard, and ready for action! You don’t want to miss these two stocky men going at it. Watch Robert in ecstasy as he’s taking JC’s big, thick dick!

Mick Edwards and Hart Caldwell: Top man Hart Caldwell is always fucking eager guys. When he gets together with Mick, the tables are turned and he gets to see what it feels like to take a big daddy dick! Witness Mick taking Hart’s tight butt in the sling in this hot scene. . .

Steve Parker and Daddy Ric: Daddy Ric is working hard at the warehouse lugging heavy boxes around. In the middle of his day he catches Steve Parker with his pants down takin’ a bit of a break from the job. He immediately jumps in to lend a hand (and his mouth), in this hot warehouse scene!

Blaine Myers, Eduardo Fourzan and JC Carter: Eduardo e-mails JC and he tells him to meet him in the basement of an industrial building. JC has trouble finding the spot, but when he finally meets Eduardo sparks fly. Little does he know, that hung daddy Blaine is going to show up to help him tag-team this hot latin guy!

Derik: Pumping iron always makes Derik’s dick hard. After this workout he sees that nobody is around and decides to get off. Watch this hot, furry, uncut man enjoying himself and shooting his load at the gym!

Wolf Getz, Vince Edwards, and Chuck Bancroft: Vince wants to do something special for his partner Chuck. He meets Wolf Getz and decides that he would be the perfect present for his boyfriend. Watch what happens when Vince drags Wolf home, bound and blind-folded to be taken advantage of. Wolf resists a bit in first, but gets into being dominated by this hot daddy couple!

Starring Daddy Ric, Steve Parker, Chuck Bancroft, Robert Feldman, J.C. Carter, Eduardo Fourzan, Vince Edwards, Hart Caldwell, Mick Edwards, Blaine Myers, Derik and Wolf Getz.

Format: Windows Media
Definition: SD
Duration: 01:44:35
Video: 320×240
File size: 738 MB

Folsom Daddies Real Men Volume 5


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