Butch Bear – Bounty Hunter 2008

Butch Bear - Bounty Hunter

You can run, but you can’t hide from this big-dicked BOUNTY HUNTER — and he’s no Dog. Arpad Miklos leads a hairy, big-muscled cast in a sinful caper of passion, betrayal and greed. When a gang of thieves, led by a mysterious mastermind, heists a cool mil, the BOUNTY HUNTER is on the job and ready for action. While prowling the criminal underworld to catch a thief, collect his reward and satisfy a larger-than-life lust, the BOUNTY HUNTER gives, and gets, his just desserts: an orgasmic slice of carnal man-pie topped with a delicious dollop of surprise.

Starring: Arpad Miklos, Parker Williams, Matthew Ford, CJ Madison, and introducing Charlie Fabravo, Nick Angelo and Jared Wolfe.

Format: AVI
Definition: SD
Duration: 01:21:53
Video: 640×464
File size: 1.12 GB

Butch Bear - Bounty Hunter 2008


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